Editing Services

It’s more important than ever — especially for those who are choosing to take the independent publishing route — to ensure that your work is polished, especially insofar as spelling, grammar, and punctuation are concerned.

As an experienced copy editor and proofreader, both in advertising and publishing, I can provide your manuscript with the level of quality and polish to take it to the next level and get it ready for whatever your next step might be, whether it’s traditional submission or to put it on the market.

Please click here for a list of past projects I’ve worked on.

If your manuscript is in need of a professional eye, contact me so we can further discuss your editing needs. Rates are dependent on what kind of edit you’re looking for and how long the work is.

If you’re looking for broad developmental editing to take your novel to the next level or if you’re looking for help getting your query package ready to send out, please view my Partnership page.

Copy Editing Services and Pricing

A strict proofread means detail work ONLY: missing or incorrect punctuation, incorrect word choice or usage, consistency errors.

A full copy edit includes that heavy detail work but also does includes bigger issues like sentence flow, organizational suggestions, major plot or character holes, consistency and logistics issues, etc.

Strict Proofread: $40 per 10,000 words

Full Copy Edit: $55 per 10,000 words

Note: With each edit, you will receive a Word document with tracked changes so you can see everything I’ve altered, and I will be available to you by email for any questions.